Grill Brush Brass Cleaning Scraper Grime cleaner BBQ kitchen metallic

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from the beard to the buttocks (de la barbe au cul) on the grill and eat it. This food is referred to as barbe-cul (the French word for cul). The “l” at the end does not sound), which evolved into the word barbecue, and because of the homophony of and the English letter Q, it became barbeque, and later abbreviated as BBQ. The “Specifications for English Translation and Writing in the Public Service Field”, which was officially implemented on December 1, 2017, stipulates that in the public service field, barbecue is translated as Grill (grilled in a pan) or Barbecue (grilled directly on the fire). barbecue barbecue Because of the smoke that occurs when meat is roasted, common grilling is done outdoors. However, many restaurants have also developed indoor barbecue dining styles. In Asia, such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, they are called barbecue restaurants and barbecue restaurants. Grills or grills, with charcoal or gas stoves and electric grills, racks or rails, grills or grills allow consumers to cook raw meat or raw food by themselves. Although it mainly refers to roasted meat, the ingredients that can be roasted in 2018 are quite diverse. It can be said that any ingredients including vegetables and fruits can be roasted. In Asia, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, green peppers, etc. are all commonly roasted. Common. In terms of Chinese food, there is a type of barbecue, including roast goose, soy sauce chicken, roast pork, barbecued pork, etc. It is not a type of barbecue that diners can cook and eat, but it is also called BBQ in English. Chinese food and cooking have gone through four stages of development, including: fire cooking, stone cooking, water cooking, and oil cooking. Fire cooking is the most primitive cooking method. The most primitive operation method of fire cooking is burning and roasting. There are two explanations for roasting: one is to set things on fire, such as burning fire, burning wood, etc.; the other is to use fire or something that generates heat to make things change, such as boiling water, burning charcoal, etc. The second layer means a deep introduction, a cooking burn. Grilling includes: smoking, roasting, and searing. Barbecue is an important part of barbecue. Archaeologists discovered two portrait stones carved with barbecue skewers in a tomb of the late Eastern Han Dynasty unearthed in Wulipo Village, Linyi City, southern Shandong Province. After research, it was found that the figures in the two paintings were all Han Chinese. The grilled kebabs are beef and mutton kebabs. These two cooking pictures reflect the folk food customs in southern Lu before 1800. From the Neolithic Age to the Pre-Qin period, roasting was the same as roasting, burning, and burning. With the progress of cooking, although water cooking and oil cooking methods have appeared, the roasting method has not disappeared, and there are many more tricks. Development to 2018, there are white roast, mud roast, mud roast, skewer roast, red roast, marinated roast, crisp roast, paste roast, noodle roast, fork roast, hook roast, grate roast, open oven roast , dark furnace, iron pot roasting, oven roasting, bamboo tube roasting, campfire roasting and other various roasting methods, showing the deliciousness of barbecue, which is very attractive and attractive to people.



Type: Barbecue Cleaning BrushMaterial: Stainless Steel, PlasticFeatures: Effectively, Useful, Durable, Lightweight, Hanging Hole, Cleaning ToolSize: 20.5cm x 7.1cm x 4.5cm/8.07″ x 2.79″ x 1.77″ (Approx.)


1 x bbq cleaning brush



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